At the heart of it

Dénia Townhouse

The challenge

Hard not to be a little biased with this one – the client was my mum. Just months after my father died we needed to move quickly to turn her house – too big for her alone – into a means of earning a living. Looking at the competition on AirBnb, its location offered a clear point of difference: where nearly all rental properties in Dénia were isolated villas out of town – this house was right in the centre of the action, with no parking hassles to worry about.

What we did

The name communicates location and hopefully a sense of smart, upmarket style. The strapline ‘At the heart of it’ reinforces the single greatest benefit and differentiator – beach, cafes, bars, restaurants and amenities all on the doorstep. The words ‘Denia Townhouse’ stack neatly into the shape of the tall thin house. We introduced a simple, childlike, fun illustration logo that made the house instantly recognisable. We linked Dénia’s blue sky and the ‘heart’ idea with the signature red and blue pots on the balconies at the front.

What happened next

Mum enjoyed an extraordinary first summer, given it only hit the market in June 2019. By October Denia Townhouse had won ‘Superhost’ status. She got 10/10 from every single guest, thanks to a lot of effort and a lot of attention to small details. Then Covid struck.

So if you want to book yourself some time away in a lovely gastronomic town with a great beach when this is all over… do please come here… to the heart of it! And with the disaster of the pandemic, she’d be glad of all the support she can get. And you’ll get a bottle of bubbly on arrival! Book here or contact me directly:

What a superb location in the middle of everything! / Great to walk out of the door and have everything right there / Unimprovable location / Situated perfectly / Beautifully located / Great location both for beach and restaurants... Chris, Gary, Lorena, Kjersti, Michael, Tom... Guests, Denia Townhouse