Words take you places

Doorstep Library

The challenge
Doorstep Library is an inspiring London-based children’s literacy charity which sends volunteers into some of the most deprived parts of the city, knocking on doors and offering to read stories to children to get them interested in reading. Many children live with families or carers who are not able to read to them, or in homes without books. This charity’s work is frequently life changing.

Being a small charity, Doorstep Library’s original homespun brand wasn’t credible enough to help them open doors to new growth opportunities – it was holding them back. They knew that corporate donors could be key to this. Most important of all, they needed to fund and attract more volunteers, to reach more children.

What we did
We developed a new brand identity around the central idea of “Words take you places”. Not only to tea with a tiger, but also to confidence, learning, jobs and lifelong security. We created a visual language that is playful and bright, to inspire and engage, as well as their very own storybook, “The Bugman’s Great Escape”. This narrative, also running through a new website, highlights the transformative effect of their work across society.

What happened next
Since rebrand in 2015, Doorstep Library has gone from strength to strength. Donations are up 400%. Full-time staff have also quadrupled, from two to eight. The charity now runs 14 projects, where before it ran five, and it lends out 5000 more books than it did. Volunteers have doubled. Our campaign to finance the Bugman book itself raised around £10,000 for the charity, and gained it national television coverage. The sea-change in credibility means that the charity is even approached now for partnerships. But most importantly, who knows what difference all this will make for the kids who’ve learned to read. You can donate to them at https://www.doorsteplibrary.org.uk/

We still use the hashtag #wordstakeyouplaces in our social media, it really does encompass what we stand for and what we aim to do in our projects. Working with Scott was a pleasure, he became immersed in what we do and was so passionate, which we feel really shines through in our website. The book Scott wrote for us continues to be a fantastic marketing tool, something we share with prospective supporters. The book is such a great representation of the Doorstep journey for a child, and feedback tells us that it brings our projects to life in an emotive and engaging way. We could not be more grateful to Scott for his hard work and determination towards developing a narrative that encapsulates the joy of sharing stories and the reasons why we exist.
Kate Bareham Land Securities