Further together


The Challenge

Ayming are business consultants with 30 years’ experience specialising in improving their clients’ operational and financial performance. Founded in Paris, they have 1,300 staff at offices in 15 countries around the world. They were rapidly expanding into new territories such as the USA, and this required a more cohesive and international outlook. A big merger had also left unresolved issues around unity and focus. Kimpton Creative carried out a brand refresh on their behalf; I collaborated with them to help create and express the strategic direction underpinning it.


What we did

Interviews with key stakeholders revealed that Ayming saw themselves as rather more than a consultant. In fact, they wished to avoid the word. Where many consultants leave their clients to it, Ayming stay on into the implementation phase, working at the coal face side by side. And they have real life experts to call on – it wasn’t all airy-fairy theory, it was deeply informed collaboration. From here came the idea that by working this way, Ayming and their clients were empowered to go “further together”. This became the external strapline, and it inspired the visual treatment.

Asked to retain the logo (but nothing else), Kimpton Creative used it as the source of inspiration, turning the circle inherent in its design into an inspiring point of focus for showing just what can be achieved in collaboration. This works most notably on imagery where the circle selects or highlights elements within the image to define a destination. The imagery is a metaphor for the journey Ayming and their clients go on – many have aspirations to push boundaries and create change in their world, which is why journeying across epic landscapes felt appropriate.



What happened next

A 15% increase in revenue, year on year.

A 300% increase in new business leads post rebrand.

A 350% increase in applications via the new website.

The work won:

  • Silver for Best Identity in Professional Services at the Transform Awards in North America, 2019
  • Silver for Best Identity in Professional Services at the Transform Awards in Europe, 2019
  • Bronze at the Transform Awards in North America for “Best Implementation of a Brand Development Project”, 2020.
I wanted to thank you for this amazing job, the script is, to my opinion, absolutely fantastic! Vincent Euzen Brand Identity Specialist, Ayming