Immerse yourself


The Challenge
Aquapac invented the first-ever waterproof phone case. Their products allows users to enjoy their electronic kit in and around water, worry free. When we were approached – the design work was carried out by Lucid Brand – patents were running out, competition had moved in and market share had ‘dropped off the cliff’.

What we did
A new logo and modern packaging design with a far more engaging store presence,  built around a brand essence and strapline of “Immerse yourself.” This carried two meanings: being able to throw yourself – literally and figuratively – into what you’re doing without any inhibitions about destroying expensive kit or documents.

What happened next
The work led Aquapac to a number of new and successful partnerships with retailers and product manufacturers. Sales are now in excess of 5 million units in over 60 countries, and Aquapac won a Queen’s Award for exports. That was in 2010. They’re still going strong.