Change the outcome


The challenge

Conjura, a data analytics consultancy based in London, Dublin and New York, gives companies of all sizes access to the kind of powerful analytics that were once the sole preserve of mega-corporations like Google and Facebook. They offer pioneering technology that does an immense amount of ‘heavy lifting’ to clean and unite data from several sources – through time – providing a much more accurate picture of what is happening in the world. They combine this platform with consultancy to allow their clients to get the best from the data they access. Clients make much smarter decisions as a result.

The challenge? Explain this, bring it to life, set Conjura apart from the competition.

What we did

A brand workshop in London with Conjura’s key directors established that most new business would be won through an educational approach. And whilst most other companies got seriously bogged down in trying to explain the technology, we saw the opportunity to explain what was going on far more simply: through stories.

While most companies were talking of ‘data insight’ and ‘data analytics’, we wanted to show that Conjura had the power to alter the course of events. The information they extracted gave their clients something far more valuable: foresight. ‘Data Foresight’ is ownable, unique to them, and became the centrepiece of their brand’s offer.

We gave the tech platform, formerly the ‘Intelligent warehouse’, a name that better illustrated its USP: how it brought a broad range of data sources together. We called it the Data Convergence Hub.

Visually, we gave Conjura a colour palette that was unique in the sector, bright, strong and challenging. We created a storytelling language that moved from a fractured, incomplete or misleading field to the full picture. The logotype showed the characters of Conjura all falling into place, again completing what was an incomplete picture. We animated this for the website and presentations, and developed an iconography style from the logotype.

We gave them the strapline “Change the outcome”. This works as a simple, inspiring purpose, internally and externally, and it enabled us to create stories with great hooks… and tell them backwards, revealing layer by later how Conjura’s Data Foresight altered the course of events.

We also provided values and tone of voice guidelines.

What happened next

Conjura reported an increase in conversions of 25% in the six months following rebrand.

The work has been shortlisted in four categories for the 2021 Transform Awards Europe:

  • Best strategic / creative development of a new brand
  • Best brand development to reflect changed mission/positioning
  • Best creative strategy
  • Best use of copy style /tone of voice.

CEO Fran Quilty called the rebrand “A step-change for our business.”

A step-change for our business. Fran Quilty CEO, Conjura