Leadership in law

Aguilar Castillo Love

The Challenge

Aguilar Castillo Love is one of Central and South America’s leading law firms, a curious mix between innovative-progressive and old-school.

They were pioneers, the first to see how creating continuity across jurisdictions could bring benefits to their multinational clients. For the benefit of these clients, they needed to address the crisis of confidence in the region that came with the publication of the Panama papers. And here’s the paradox: there’s something timeless in the way that the practice looks forward. It’s the insistence on adhering to some classic values that enables them to lead. All of this needed expressing to enable Aguilar Castillo Love to cement its reputation as the the go-to firm for international clients… and for internal businesses looking abroad.

What we did

The work was carried out in collaboration with Rose Design. I undertook an intensive interview process with the senior partners. Eventually the phrase ‘Leadership in law’ was chosen to underpin the thinking, with Rose cleverly and boldly using palette and imagery to communicate the timelessness and sense of classic values. There is nothing like it out there. The feeling of quality is instant and indisputable. I then went on to write their website. www.aguilarcastillolove.com

What happened next

A glance at the firm’s recent activity shows the last eleven major transactions all involved large multinational entities across a range of sectors.

This is not the only strategic work I’ve carried out for law companies. One major piece of strategy for a major Magic Circle law firm, in turn effecting six of Europe’s most prestigious law firms, is, sadly, subject to confidentiality clauses and cannot be displayed here. I can say that the work, using the same thorough qualitative interviewing techniques, has stood the test of time: it is still in use some eight years later.

The content and design have marked a clear direction, distinct from other offers, and it's positioned us better, I've absolutely no doubt about that. We've received very good comments about the site from clients, friends and even competitors. Your work was extraordinary - I admire your great talent and ability - and we are extremely satisfied with the results. John Aguilar Senior parter