The whole picture


The challenge

This job was, at face value, a piece of writing for a website, but I put it here to show just how strategic writing is. Most of the raw material was on Francis Long’s site when we came to refresh it (the work was carried out in collaboration with Lucid Design). But before we started, we asked all the questions. Who was his target? What did they want? On what basis were the decisions that changed things made? What did they not know that they should know?

What we did

It turned out that the true gem, the thing that marked Hanslips out as special, was buried right at the bottom of the hierarchy of information, and its importance only became fully clear in interviews. It was this: many properties – often the best ones – never even see the open market. An insider like Long has access to a view of the market that a punter never can. This was huge. We made “See the whole picture” the leading line of the entire website. This key benefit led everything. Writing is strategy.

What happened next

That was in 2014. Not a word of Hanslips’ website has changed since then. Something must be working.

You have clearly mastered the topic very quickly. All makes more sense. You have been extremely helpful.

I think you’ve done a fantastic job and it’s really appreciated. Francis Long, director, Hanslips Colin Goodhew, director, Lucid Design