Tiffin box

Bombay Sapphire

The challenge

The Bombay Sapphire relationship lasted ten years or so, and like the jewel from which it takes its name, we were always looking for new facets to explore. The creative collaboration, as with all of the Bombay Sapphire and Bacardi-owned spirits work, was with Jonathan Davis. Here the challenge was to bring the gin’s 10 botanicals, sourced from around the world, to life.

What we did

A thin mini brochure which mimicked a kind of tiffin box with compartments, filled with various items. The copy painted small moments in time that captured the ethos of each ingredient (if an ingredient can have an ethos) with the idea that some of this exotic beauty of its place of origin would shed new light and depth on the Bombay brand.

What happened next

Again, this little booklet was slipped into boxes and duty-free sets. Not thanks to this, but interestingly, despite the onset of the craft and super-premium gin craze, Bombay Sapphire’s sales continue to rise.