Inneventive, Verbatim, Zed, SIRVA, Mercedes

Miscellaneous (Inneventive, Verbatim, Zed, Sirva, Mercedes)

1. Inneventive

Back of letter paper and website banner for an events company. In collaboration with The Partners. The logo is still used.

2. Verbatim

Verbatim were a translation company. The brand idea of “when your words go places, you go places” was translated into 35 languages, and Hat-trick used that to draw pictures… and make a huge paper plane. The mailer had visual fun with the possible impacts of getting translation wrong. Verbatim wrote chunks of this in-house, so some parts of it are not mine, but I’ve put it up because it’s a smart piece of design thinking. The project was featured in “The Best of the Best of Brochure Design Volume II” and a finalist in the Design Week Awards.

3. Zed

All of the stuff I wrote in this vision-of-the-future brochure has become the most basic functions of all of our phones.


Sirva is an enormous global relocation business that incorporates sub-brands like Allied Pickfords. This was their graduate recruitment brochure. Done in collaboration with Kino Design.

5. Mercedes-Benz C-Class website copy

I found the original Word file of this work, complete with a couple of touching notes in red I added to ensure minuscule facts got clarified. A German engineer’s attention to detail?

6. Smart 

On the back of the Mercedes work I wrote the intro to the Smart Car UK website.

Hi Janine, I just want to give you some feedback on Scott – I have had great feedback on him. The client [Mercedes-Benz] has said it’ the best copy he has ever read! Matt B was also very impressed, and the feedback from PMs was that he was very quick. Just wanted to let you know. Alice Shelley Resource manager, Syzygy UK Ltd