25th anniversary book

Tennis Foundation

The challenge

Commemorate (and celebrate) 25 years of the Tennis Foundation with a book that communicated some of the amazing things it does for people from all walks of life, and supported its goals and ambitions. This project was carried out in collaboration with Kimpton Creative.

What we did

Counterattacked! The book was structured around the biggest impediments to the Foundation: popular misconceptions. By debunking them, we hoped to help the Foundation move forward as well as look back. Bold spreads voiced these misconceptions… but were quickly followed with photographic, statistical and anecdotal evidence as to why these statements were plain wrong. For the job I interviewed everyone from special needs teachers to Sir Cliff Richard to Olympic and Wimbledon champions… it took the best part of a summer.

What happened next

It got really good response. That old line: if just one person has taken up tennis as a result, it will have been a success…

Well, funnily enough, my mother took it up as a result. Over seventy and biffing the ball and running about like a twenty year old of the opposite sex. No one who watches believes her age. The amount of good it has done her is incalculable. Thank YOU, Tennis Foundation.

Not sure if you remember me, but you interviewed me over the phone for the Tennis Foundation 25th anniversary book. Just wanted to say what a great job you and your colleagues did. Thank you also for being so true to what I had said to you. Keep up the inspirational work. Thank you so much, please pass on my thanks and congratulations to the others involved in the project.

Lots of positive feedback! Cefyn Jones, head of PE, Falconer Special School / Joanna Farquharson, deputy executive director, Tennis Foundation