Old Speckled Hen range / Abbot Ale

Greene King

The challenge

Green King wanted to make its Old Speckled Hen range more accessible to a younger audience and put more ‘craft’ into the presentation of their award-winning beer.

What we did

Concentrate on the senses: smell and light and imaginative tasting notes, plus history and stories.

What happened next

This led to a number of projects in collaboration with Greene King and Ziggurat Brands, including Greene King’s Noble craft lager, which you can see here.

I also worked with Ziggurat on the San Miguel launch of their ‘traveller’ rebrand, and the launch of Merrydown Cider.

Verilye you have us rollinge in the aisle.

Scott – they’re brilliant. No changes at all to what you’ve done. Keren House Creative director, Ziggurat Brands