The Magic of Arandas

Cazadores tequilla

The challenge

This brand had been acquired by Bacardi. It was recognised in Mexico as a good premium tequila. Introducing it to the US and Europe, however, would mean educating people as to what ‘premium’ really meant in terms of tequila. We produced an educational communication for Cazadores to help set it apart as a drink of quality to be appreciated.

What we did

Built a story around the fact that the agaves from which it is made take ten years to grow and ripen in the hot red earth… and that every element of the process is respectful of that slow growth, each element being time-consuming in its own right. You cannot rush quality.

What happened next

This was a small cog in a very big wheel. The brand launched in the UK in 2007, by which time barman-training courses and other promotions had seen it achieve nationwide distribution in the US.