One St George Wharf… One Wood Street… The Cheesegrater… Ebbsfleet Valley

Property development: miscellaneous

1. Ebbbsfleet Valley – Land Securities

Land Securities’ huge development – a town with a Eurostar stop on brownfield land in north Kent – was once simply a vision. I wrote the brochure – designed by Hat Trick Design – that set out this vision before work began.


2. One Wood Street

Another Land Securities project in the City. Radford Wallis designed an elegant brochure, but the site hoardings got the most attention, since we used Cockney rhyming slang to promote the building, being, as we were, within earshot of Bow Bells. It’s not every day you get called a “marketing wonk” in a national newspaper. The building was fully let pre-construction.


3. The Leadenhall Building / Cheesegrater

I contributed to the marketing of this iconic building largely as a very short notice draft-in close to a presentation for Next Big Thing. British Land wrote the majority of the copy in-house.

4. Capital One Penthouse Building, One St George Wharf

Mega-luxury penthouse. In collaboration with Sectorlight.

Still writing amazing copy? Richard Glassborough ex marketing manager, Land Securities, London