Grek tea – packaging and stories

Grek Tea – packaging and stories

The challenge
Grek was a new tea company, importing a range of high quality Greek teas and infusions to the UK market. We had to communicate the high quality and exceptional taste of Grek’s ingredients, loaded with essential oils, solar energy and aromatics… and the authenticity of its origins.

What we did
This was done in collaboration with Interabang. Interabang designed some boxes inspired by the founder’s tales of childhood trips to the island of Pyrgi: or more specifically, the mono geometric Xysta tiles characteristic of the island. Precision-engineered, beautiful to touch, the boxes are beautiful – hard to imagine anyone ever wanting to throw one out.

Verbally I made the descriptions similar to wine-tasting notes to increase the sense of quality.

I then wrote a story for each flavour, which we inserted in the packs. These stories were accompanied by beautiful illustrations by Clare Curtis.

What happened next
The project (and the tea itself), won a string of awards. The start-up is still going strong.

We got the peppermint story yesterday and guess what...we love it! Thanks for all the stories Scott, we are very pleased! They are very "Greek" in a unique and clever way! Once again thank you very much for all your hard work. The stories are so amazing and elegant, they are exactly what we wished for!
Marina Tzima Managing director, Grek Tea