Walk Through Walls

Baker McKenzie / Mark Studio

The challenge

Global law firm Baker & McKenzie and the Thomson Reuters Foundation wished to set up a charity with the aim of providing “practical help” for survivors of human trafficking through by offering them career opportunities. Human trafficking refers to anyone who has been illegally transported across countries or regions, either for forced labour or sexual exploitation. The charity aimed to attract corporate investment and provide paid internships, professional mentoring, and financial support for survivors. It was about empowerment rather than sympathy.



What we did

Mark Lester asked me to come up with a name for the charity. WALK THROUGH WALLS was the outcome. This conveyed the possibility of surviving an appalling ordeal to go on and achieve the seemingly impossible.

What happened next

As so often in design and branding, the words gave rise to the design. “It’s a visual interpretation of people overcoming obstacles and moving forward in life,” said Lester. “The words are interrupted but still legible – crucially, it’s about moving past an interruption as if it’s not there.” A turquoise colour was used, representing “freedom”… the colours of the sky and sea.

Walk through walls – everyone loved this. As you point out, it can carry multiple meanings – freedom from captivity; removing barriers; achieving what appears impossible. It’s also unusual and therefore memorable. And we can imagine this translating in other markets/languages as the project expands in the future. Christie Thomson Reuters Foundation