A ribbon runs through it

Design agencies

1. Kino: A ribbon runs through it

Kino designed the London 2012 bid logo and quite rightly wanted to alert potential clients to their role in this huge national triumph. They asked me to write the resulting promotional booklet.

2. Kimpton Creative: weather symbols

A really cool idea by Kimpton Creative to mark the change to British Summer Time in the middle of a recession. A bit of (ahem) blue sky thinking. Sadly I only have a battered printout of which I have taken even more terrible photos… but re-reading it, I really like this job, so here it is.


3. NB Studio: “This year” card

NB Studio used to send out an end-of-year card postulating on the new one to come. I was obviously very honoured to be invited to write 2011’s. The paper cut illustration that went with it is superb.

4. Lucid Design: paragraph

I really like this piece of stationery!

5. Trickett and Webb calendar

I was invited to write their legendary annual calendar around 2002. We chose “Touching Base with a Game Plan” as the theme, a single sentence of 12 business bullshit bingo corporate cliché phrases, each of which was illustrated by a different individual, one of which was Peter Blake. It won a D&AD wood pencil.