Inspiring change – website

Kimpton Creative

The challenge

Kimpton Creative blends craft, strategy and creativity to make change happen for its clients. This helps them realise business objectives and deliver substantial commercial benefits, something for which Kimpton has a long track record of proven success. For their website, the agency wanted to explain quickly and lucidly how their approach to branding works, and an education piece on what to look for when choosing an agency.


What we did

Try to employ the customary Kimpton joie de vivre and streak of audacity that’s balanced, always, by integrity, care and appropriateness – to explain things in a way that made it clear to the reader they were in the company of a top-of-the-range agency… without the top-of-the-range prices.


What happened next

It’s just launched… so it’s a little too early to know if it’s had an effect.

There’s a strategy story behind this writing, which you can read here.

Kimpton Creative are brilliant. Check them out here.

Ooh! It's brilliant. Makes me feel quite emotional. David Kimpton Director, Kimpton Creative