Strength in Diversity

Abn Amro

The challenge

Communicate the reason behind the formidable global Wholesale Clients arm of ABN AMRO, including a series of fairly technical case studies.

What we did

Mark Lester [Mark Studio] designed the brochure with a piece of thread running all the way through. It split up; pins turned it into a graph; a magnifying glass showed it in minute detail; it became a podium; it marked locations on maps… and so on. This served as the metaphor for the common theme that ran through all ABN AMRO’s great successes: long term relationships defined by distinctive thoughts and actions.

What happened next

Our client’s best-ever brochure! The project won gold at the Fresh Awards (and the corporate brochure category).

You did a great job... I think this is the best brochure I developed in my career as marketing communications manager. Will always be proud of it. Marielle Ruijgrog Marketing communications manager, ABN AMRO Amsterdam