Cider and apple wine packaging


The challenge

Launch a new cider brand. I was asked to write the backstory around the brand, and the pack copy.

What we did

Ziggurat Brands created this gorgeous fiddling fox – with apple-like bites to create the fiddle. Merrydown were really happy with the ‘One sip, many a knowing grin explained’ strapline. We went with shorter copy on the bottles in the end, but I think I prefer the original longer version, so I’ve included it in the gallery.

What happened next

The cider got that all important launch lift – it was placed in several large supermarkets. It’s still going today.

I went on to write similar copy for the pear and apple wines.

The client is very happy with the copy – thank you for all your good work! Christiane Ella Client director, Ziggurat Brands