CIO – the next powerhouse?


The challenge

Having written a piece for them on how CFOs could adapt their roles in the face of digitisation to become more important and strategic players internally, Swedish data giant Bisnode asked me to turn the spotlight on the CIO.

What we did

I interviewed a number of high-profile CIOs and tech industry leaders to get to the bottom of where this role is heading – and gather advice for CIOs on how to handle the dizzying  speed of change. It quickly became clear that data and information holds such sway in business these days, across so many areas, that the CIO is rapidly becoming CEO material.

What happened next?

An in-depth article, split into two parts, outlining nine areas where CIOs could make a big difference to their organisations. And their own careers. Both articles are in the gallery below.

"This article is great!"

"I really like it. The call to action is great; the personal development angle and confidence building is spot on." David Poole / Neil Morgan CEO, Emergence / CIO, Insurance Australia Group