Sauce’s social media agency website


The challenge

FEED (great name) is the new specialist social media sister company to the PR agency Sauce. How to get across its blend of being highly personal, attentive and human on the one hand but having  a wealth of experience and depth of resources on the other? The project was carried out in collaboration with Dutchscot.

What we did

Dutchscot produced a fabulous design for the website – with a logo, photos and text all scrolling at different speeds as you move down the page. Check it out here, because the slides below do it no justice at all. The design made writing very tricky – a large font size meant breaking the messaging into bite-size chunks. Worth struggling over, though.

What happened next

This launched just in time for Coronavirus. So in the meantime, here’s one lovely detail of the design… leave the screen unattended and one by one emoticons begin popping up. To return in the morning to find your screen full of them is a delight in itself.

The website and copy look AMAZING. Really happy with it, so thank you from the bottom of my heart, your efforts and patience are hugely appreciated. You will both always be a part of FEED now. Lianne Gray Director, FEED