Make a lasting impact – website

Marcia's Kitchen

The challenge

Another great example of the thin, thin line between writing and strategy. Marcia Barrington wanted a new website and Dominic Philcox (DeltaPapa) had designed her one. Now what? Just some writing?

What we did

Extensive interviews with Marcia, probing what made her special and what she was trying to achieve out in the marketplace, revealed a set of beliefs and values. But here’s the key: these values were, in turn, going out to work for her own clients: the food she served on their behalf was sending important messages and playing a vital role in creating a lasting impression. These common values formed the pillar of the site’s content, all underscored with strategic intent: just a look at the sliders on the home page is enough to convince you that you’re dealing with a top-notch kitchen.

The outcome

Marcia was delighted with the outcome – see her kind words below. DeltaPapa’s design is still as fresh as if everything has been just picked. And though Marcia has moved on herself, the directors have stuck with a winning formula. Over five years later – in a fast-changing world – the site is still as we produced it. Word for word.

Scott- you have captured my passion in my speech. I feel really emotional. You really, really understand. I can hear my voice and passion. It's exactly what I want people to know. The text underpins beautifully who I am and what the kitchen sends out. I love it! I am so pleased our paths have met. Marcia Barrington Director, Marcia's Kitchen