‘Change the Outcome’ success stories


The challenge

Conjura, a data analytics company based in London, New York and Dublin, combines consultancy expertise with a pioneering platform that unites data from various sources to help give clients foresight. The brand strategy for Conjura was carried out in collaboration with Clout, and you can read about that here. The challenge was now to use the new brand, led by the strapline Change the Outcome, to tell real-life stories of how things turned out very different thanks to Data Foresight.

What we did

Told the stories backwards. Started with outcomes, and pulled the thread, like a detective story, back through time to the act – based on information provided by Conjura – which made a different ending possible. The visual language went from misleading to clear: broken, incomplete, wrong interpretations of data were later correctly assembled to reveal the truth. All with a mischievous tone: case studies do not have to be like chewing carpet.

What happened next

Conjura reported an uplift in conversions of 25% in the first six months following rebrand.

The project has been shortlisted for a Transform Award Europe in 4 categories: ‘Best Strategic or Creative Development of a New Brand’; ‘Best Creative Strategy’; ‘Best Brand Development Project to Reflect Changed Mission, Values or Positioning’; ‘Best Use of Copy Style or Tone of Voice’.

It's late on a Friday, but I could read these again and again. And that's without an image. The stories really capture the value and the impact. Paul Savage COO, Conjura