A Most Elegant Partnership: the martini cocktail and its glass – Global Duty Free book

Bombay Sapphire

The challenge

This was the second of two cocktail books I wrote for Bombay Sapphire. The first, which you can see here, explored everything that went into ‘the cocktail moment’, that first sip when everything comes together. This was aimed at extending Bombay Sapphire’s claim to be the gin of cocktails by telling the story of the most iconic things of all, the unmistakeable cocktail glass and the martini cocktail itself.

What we did

We researched and wrote a book telling the history of the martini glass, the martini cocktail itself, and the relationship between the two. This helped showcase Bombay Sapphire’s long relationship with glass design.

What happened next

The book was given away as part of duty-free packs worldwide to drive sales. Given what other brands are doing now on their websites (something similar, somewhat later), and how much went into it, it’s a surprise really that Bombay Sapphire haven’t made more of this material. It’s one of the projects I’m most proud of, so for posterity, here it is in its entirety.