The Graphic Lexicon

Sutherl& Studio

The challenge

Jim Sutherland had been collecting etymology stories for a number of years, with a view to producing a book which illustrated these stories graphically. He asked me to write it.

What we did

Took pleasure in the myth as much as the truth… even falsehoods discovered through research have a tale to tell. There are some really gorgeous stories here, laced with wry humour wherever possible.

The book is deliberately designed to break open at the spine, to show inner the workings of its construction – a nod to the words themselves.

What happened next

We published the book together, under the name Sutherl&Bard. The project won a D&AD wood pencil. It even made it onto Countdown! Copies – and postcards and posters – are still available at the Sutherl& Studio website.

"Best piece of language play I've seen in ages."

"Great book... a delight." David Crystal / Sallyanne Theodosio