Cut the mustard


The challenge

Mustard is a high-quality recruitment consultancy specialising in the creative industries. At launch the branding took mustard the condiment as its cue, which you can see here. Seven years later it was time to shake things up. How to convey premium more effectively… and more adventurously?

What we did 

We took the common phrase “cut the mustard” (meaning ‘of a desired standard’)… literally. We sliced and rearranged the Mustard logo to make a series of luscious, provocative words, which, when explored, extolled the agency’s values through a vibrant, slightly mischievous tone. The design is highly crafted and premium, obviously.


What happened next

Mustard used the pieces as postcards, adverts, emails for eight years. We’ve just replaced them with this.

The words drive everything, you know that. This stuff really makes a difference for me. Thanks again for all the magic. Ian Coulson Director, Mustard Consultancy