Postmen Christmas card


The challenge

Obviously it was a great honour to be asked by Magpie to write their Christmas card… for which they had a rather nice idea… a series of portraits of the postmen doing their rounds near their studio. The whole thing would be bound together by the rubber bands postmen use to bundle up their letters. So far, so good. The challenge – for me at least – came when I saw the photos, which were all excellent of course, in every sense… except for the fact that the posties in question hadn’t mustered a single smile between them. Utterly dead pan, the lot. Not exactly Christmassy. Which kind of made me laugh.

What we did

Since these portraits were the centrepiece of the whole mailer, I didn’t see much choice but to tackle this anomaly head on. Serious work, delivering presents. All about the delight and expectation of hearing the door ring. Perhaps we could do a little something in return to… put a smile on their faces?

What happened next?

Creative Bloq called it a “fab little surprise in the post.”  “This great little book,” they said, was “a lovely bit of recognition for the people making sure that all your Christmas cards are turning up.” So it made one person smile at least!