Alphabetti spaghetti

Bard of Bray

The challenge

Jim Sutherland, then of Hat-Trick, having had the fairly crazy idea of branding me with alphabetti spaghetti, then had the brilliant and insane idea to send people a tin of it in the post. My job? Write the label.

What we did

You cannot imagine how much time it took to put over a hundred of these things into tubes with a handwritten note; seal, label and post them.

What happened next

Amazingly, getting on for ten years later, some are still on shelves, their contents probably grimly degraded, or desks, operating as pencil holders. People still mention them – I got a note and a photo about one just a couple of days before writing this (see below + grainy last photo!). And yes, wacky mail works. Huge upsurge in job offers.

Just watching a really depressing documentary on Belmarsh prison... and I scanned across to your beautiful can. Still makes me smile!
Oona Hassim Artist