Launch promotions, mailers and advertising


The challenge

I helped Ian Coulson launch Mustard in 2005. I worked on a rebrand around 2012, and again in 2020. This is the first set of ads, postcards and some brochure copy that I did for him for the initial launch. The brief was to capture his eye for detail and quality along with a positive, relaxed and fun approach. Cheeky, not taking itself too seriously, without ever communicating anything other than top end.

What we did

This initial campaign was fairly literal, using mustard the condiment as an analogy for things going together well, strength, and so on. “Full of natural greatness” is my favourite line.

What happened next

The material sustained Mustard through to 2012, and amazingly he’s survived until 2020 without anything other than a holding page. But then, he’s very good – if you’re looking for a change of direction or an injection of talent in your team, check out

The magic, the oxygen of my brand. Ian Coulson Director, Mustard Consultancy