Backward thinking – mailer



CtrlPrint is a Swedish company that specialising in an online editing platform for annual reports and other big documents. The job here was to convince people to leave antiquated methods for annual report production in the bin.

What we did

In collaboration with Kimpton Creative, create a winners and losers scenario over the consequences of ‘Backward thinking’, with the use of paper coming off worst every time. The cover was designed to have the word ‘BACKWARD’ be crossed through by being physically ripped before being sent.

What happened next?

CtrlPrint are still going strong, despite the mega-globals like Google moving into online document handling. CtrlPrint were always open to adventurous, humorous marketing. Here are a couple of other fun mailers: To Whom Should You Listen? and Decisions Decisions.

I've only had good words to say about the work we've done, and would like to work with you again. Marianne Young Head of marketing, CtrlPrint UK