The next big thing in tech

Clout Branding

The challenge

Working a fair amount with tech clients over the last few years, and all the research into the sector that this involves, has given us quite an insight into how underdeveloped the sector’s branding ‘landscape’ is… companies growing in a rush seems to have made brand something of an afterthought generally, as companies deal with a hectic day-to-day. The result, therefore, is high proportion of pretty superficial, poorly thought through, copycat brands. It’s a largely homogenous field in which the brands are inert, contributing little or nothing towards achieving business objectives. This is a huge opportunity for anyone willing to invest in their brand properly. The key, as usual, is in educating people as to what brands could and should be doing for them.

What we did

In collaboration with Clout we produced a quick-hit slide deck for CEOs… and a longer thought leadership essay, aimed at showing how deep brand could run in delivering on business objectives. To us it seems clear: advancing your brand is more likely to win you market share and the next generation of talent… than another line of brilliant code.

What happened next

We shall see… it’s just out!

Immediate reaction – really like it! Tom Lawrence Director, Flow and Ebb