Emerging markets profile articles

Nichols Consultancy

The challenge

Nichols is a FMCG and healthcare recruitment specialist, operating globally and with an impressive client list. Working in collaboration with Kimpton Creative, we’d built their brand and various pieces of marketing collateral (which you can see here). Nichols were leading the way in finding talent for companies in emerging markets, and here the brief was to cement their dominance in this field to make them the go-to name.

What we did

We produced a large thought-leadership piece, comprising a collection of in-depth interviews with big hitters from big companies operating in new and exciting places like Brazil, China, India and Russia. Full of insight and inspiring possibility.

What happened next

Originally commissioned in 2012 and printed and bound, they were then repurposed as a 2017 blog and downloadable PDF. For such a dizzyingly fast-moving area of business, the insights don’t seem to have aged: as we go into 2021 they’re still available for download.

Many thanks for the article. Beautifully written! I really like it. Enjoy reading this as a reader myself! Captured all the essence we discussed with right ingredients and substance.

I love it. It is a joy to read. Didn’t think we would ever trump the Russia article but this one has. Jun Tao Wright / Eileen Lee Commercial Director, International-Asia Pacific, Jeyes Limited. / Client relationship manager, Nichols Consultancy