2020 SOS Christmas card

Clout Branding

The challenge

Clout Branding came up with a nifty idea for a Christmas card for the dreadful 2020. By putting the year on the front, embossing it and printing red on the inside, they created an SOS. So far, so good. How, though, to make this about Christmas?

What we did

Instead of Save Our Souls, what if SOS became all about the story of Christmas Day, with acronyms defiantly focusing on the rituals and moments we all share… not even granting the terrible preceding 11 months a look in?

What happened next

The result – for me anyway – is curiously moving.

Love that, Scott – genius. It brings the wit in as a bit of an antidote to the terrible year we’ve had. Mike Smith Creativer director, Clout