Project vision and rationale literature

Bournemouth Hotel School

The challenge

Convince the world that it was worth building a new hotel school on prime land in Bournemouth. Which meant building and partially staffing a hotel. How to sell a hotel that was also to be a hotel school?

What we did

This project is really quite old, but I’m still very fond of it, and I think it’s because here were people asking investors to consider a multi-million pound project… and yet we were able to communicate its viability with tiny details like the telepathic waiter. The tiniest nuance carried off well captures the vision.

The resulting higher-than-usual employee-to-customer ratio is what provided us with the opportunity here: we to created a little mystery… in this four-star hotel of the future something is definitely amiss. What exactly? Sweeter than a fancy chocolate on your pillow, the service is five-star not four.

What happened next

Well. There’s a Hotel School in Bournemouth on that very site, still flourishing today. The work was carried out in collaboration with Keren House at ‘Aricot Vert.