Hands not arms

The Salvation Army

The challenge

Help reintroduce a more religious element to the way the Salvation Army described itself, which they felt had been lost in the preceding years.

What we did

Interview senior figures in the Army and listen very, very carefully, helping them keep it modern and relevant by focusing on Jesus’ humanity. The text was hardly amended after being submitted. This is the power of words when coupled with a combination of empathy and the right questions.

What happened next

This piece of writing had a strategic problem to solve, and you can read about that here. I think it is persuasive through its calm, gentle simplicity… one of the pieces I’m most proud of… a conduit between one set of people and its audience. But these were all cues taken from the generals in question, not created by me.

The best bit was the brochure which bears your name… I thought it terrific… Blooming marvellous! I hope you are as pleased with it as we are. It would have been good to meet a man with ideas like yours. Thanks for your sensitive text in the booklet. You seem to understand what matters to that odd and almost unknown thing called the Salvation Army. General John Gowans Salvation Army