Your friends in high places

Ski Boutique

The challenge

Ski Boutique provides access to luxury chalets in the Alps, guiding their guests through very exclusive, personalised holidays. They know the people that can make things special. Could we come up with a strapline for them? They wanted to capture the personalised element of their offer with their ability to make things unforgettable. And a bit of skiing, if that were possible.

What we did

‘Your friends in high places’: exclusivity, warmth, and the power to create great memories. And skiing, if you take it literally: HQ for them is 1600m Zermatt in Switzerland.

What happened next

The strapline was used at various points in their marketing collateral. The company goes from strength to strength, and have now opened up a summer equivalent, Sun-Boutique. Glad to see that the line works all the way down to sea level.

We absolutely love it, it just captures what we're about. It works on so many levels – thumbs up! Thanks! Dan Frith Founder, Ski Boutique