Catalytic thinking notebook, animation and ‘See the change’ brochure


The challenge

Convince companies that they should outsource their procurement to Proxima, to leverage the knowledge of suppliers to better support business strategy.

What we did

Invent the concept of ‘Catalytic thinking’, showing how a change in mentality could lead to a big change in results. Don’t obsess about saving, instead… “See the change”, which became the strapline.

What happened next

We produced a booklet, a hardback notebook, an e-book, an interactive digital presentation tool and a series of animations. One of those animations is below (with the booklet and hardback), another you can see along with the e-book here, another is with the strategy behind all this writing. The final one you can see with Clout’s crazy boxing glove mailer promotion here. Clout are especially good at animations – check out the ‘Brilliant, creative Wales‘ one we did.