MUST have mailers


The challenge

The world of recruitment for the design and creative industry has changed in the last few years. There’s so little margin for error now, mistakes are costly, people are afraid. As a result, requests made of agencies have become ever more demanding and picky. Meat and, er, condiment to our client, Mustard.

The task here was to create adverts and mailers that would get seen and read. The work was done in collaboration with Kimpton Creative.

What we did


1) The MUST in Mustard. That and other DEMAND words went BIG to emphasise the STRESS.

2) Imaginary requests. Dialled up to fairly barmy levels, impossibly precise, whimsical and complicated. Mustard, calm, effective and cheeky in a storm, delivering when it matters, always delivering when it matters.

The more we exaggerated, the more fun it got.

What happened next

A good response from clients (see below)… and a Silver for Writing for Design at the Fresh Awards and a D&AD Wood Pencil for the accompanying pencil box mailer.

"Saw the advert in Design Week. This has balls. It really stands out and the look and feel and copy are really creative. You see the website and you know that as a creative you want to work with Mustard."

"Beautifully done. Lovely." Mustard client feedback