Capital Commitment Spirit book

Land Securities

The challenge

Land Securities had (still have) a huge portfolio in London, with several key developments maturing. They wanted to establish a profile that communicated that their work was done with the best interests of the city and its people at heart.

What we did

This work was carried out in collaboration with Hat-trick Design. This book was actually the second of a set of two, the first being titled ‘Guiding’ – the brand guidelines, with the two side by side forming the Capital Commitment logo and reading ‘Guiding Spirit’. The Spirit book sets out their values, backed up by Matt Stuart’s brilliant photography. But I think it does so assertively and with clear leadership, and I think it’s this that hit a chord.

What happened next

The senior management at Land Securities in London liked the book very much, and began giving it to their clients, even though it was ostensibly an internal piece. They gave enough out to have to order a reprint. And then a second and then a third. A few years later they requested an updated version, this time with insights into details in the capital. This, if anything, is better, I think. For years afterwards other designers referred to doing a ‘Spirit book’ generically… a sign that values, when handled with proper thought, instead of the cursory cliches that are so often trotted out, can really influence the world around them.

Scott's ability to understand and articulate our ethos has been extremely valuable to us. Thank you, Scott. Mike Hussey [then] head of Land Securities in London