Working well


The challenge

In 2013 Mark Giles took the bold step of setting up his own consultancy. Salubrium advises companies on how employee health and wellbeing is linked to business performance.

What we did

You can read more on the strategy behind the brand and its strapline “Working well” here.

For the writing, simple, natural storytelling and fresh, relaxed language set Salubrium apart in a stuffy, corporate sector.

What happened next

That was in 2013. Salubrium began with zero clients. Then they had one. Since then the number has passed 100, sometimes companies as small at five, sometimes as large as 70,000 employees. Mark has advised a myriad of organisations of some 4-5000 in size on how to keep their workforce mentally and physically… working well.

Directly or indirectly, some 700,000 will have benefitted from policies and practices implemented as a result of his consultancy, because spouses, partners and families are effected positively, too. He won the trust he needed to win, but that trust has been paid back manifold. Wellbeing to one side for a moment, a rough – very rough – calculation places the savings he has made for those clients at between 12 and 15 million pounds.

Scott very quickly understood what mattered to the people who mattered to us. He made a compelling argument for change that has worked. The strapline covers so much ground. The branding is clean and fresh. None of it has aged. Likewise the messaging: the sector is full of jargon, and by writing in clear and plain English, we really stand out. People just get it. He did a great job and I really appreciate what that has meant for me. Mark Giles Director, Salubrium