Beautiful Thinking

Dew Gibbons

The challenge

Dew Gibbons (now Free the Birds) were renowned for designing exquisite packaging, particularly high end cosmetics. However, there was a commercial acumen to it, driven by thorough analysis and market knowledge. It was far from, well… cosmetic. It was this they wanted to capture. I was asked to look at the possibility of an ‘essence’ or strapline.

What we did

“Beautiful thinking” captured the balance between aesthetics and commercial acumen, but still felt simple and clean.

What happened next

The line has lasted over 15 years and is still going strong. In fact it’s formed the centrepiece of the brand strategy of those leading the design company now that neither Dew or Gibbons remain, since it underpins their growth into new areas.

On the back of this we produced a little booklet on the creative process. Read more about the strategy behind this case study here.


'Beautiful thinking' instantly communicates that there is a financial and strategic element as well as an aesthetic one. I think it helps clients feel confident very quickly: the authority and depth in that phrase helps them assume (correctly!) that when they work with us their brands will end up being listened to as well as looked at. The strapline is also helping us diversify the range of things we can offer as we evolve. So, of course we kept it when we rebranded – it's the jewel in our crown. Paul Domenet Partner, Free the Birds