“Corporate virtualisation” e-book


The challenge

Explain the opportunity arising from how business has changed, as all of its different components become more specialised and become provided by external suppliers.

What we did

A metaphor of a solid land mass for old-style companies (like Henry Ford’s) that bit by bit has broken into the sea. Now all businesses are islands, and we’re all forced to fish. The implication: fish well, know the waters… and you thrive.

What happened next

The idea led on to the ‘Corporate Island’ digital sales presentations. We did a lot of strategy for Proxima, simplifying a complex business proposition. For more writing, check out our ‘Catalytic thinking’ notebook and ‘See the change’ brochure here.

"One of the few solution providers that has contributed to the profession in recent years from an intellectual point of view (such as with their corporate virtualization report)..." SpendMatters