A combined spirit: brand book and website

Austin-Smith: Lord

The challenge

Austin Smith Lord is a large architecture practice, with several offices across the country. Zulver and Co had conducted the brand work. They commissioned me to write a brand ‘spirit book’. This is fairly old now, around 2010-11.

What we did

The theory was that AS:L combined opposites like creativity and reason, in order to solve complex problems beautifully.

The outcome

I went on to write their website, and several in-depth pieces on their flagship buildings at the time. All that remains of the website are a few grainy screen grabs, but I’ve put them up for reference. The case studies are worth a look for the story-telling . I like working with architects; buildings are stories.

"Richard was really impressed with the brand book. Well done!... He said your narrative ‘nearly’ bought tears to his eyes!!!"
Andrew Zulver, director, Zulver & Co

"I liked the Brand Book. I assume that you were responsible for the words - jolly good!”
Peter Lyon, (ex-partner), Austin-Smith:Lord