Five by fifteen

Marie Stopes

The Challenge
Help Marie Stopes International get behind the World Health Organisation’s development goal No. 5 to reduce maternal mortality and improve access to reproductive health.

What we did
Develop a name for the campaign – Five by Fifteen – Three booklets and a website. The five by fifteen was the goal and the deadline, but it felt like the dimension of a portal to me, which was the theme of the creative work… opening doors to change lives.

What happened next

This, from the UN report in 2015: Since 1990, the maternal mortality ratio has declined by 45 per cent worldwide, and most of the reduction has occurred since 2000. In Southern Asia, the maternal mortality ratio declined by 64 per cent between 1990 and 2013, and in sub-Saharan Africa it fell by 49 per cent. More than 71 per cent of births were assisted by skilled health personnel globally in 2014, an increase from 59 per cent in 1990. In Northern Africa, the proportion of pregnant women who received four or more antenatal visits increased from 50 per cent to 89 percent between 1990 and 2014. Contraceptive prevalence among women aged 15 to 49, married or in a union, increased from 55 per cent in 1990 worldwide to 64 per cent in 2015.

How much of that is down to Marie Stopes, who can say?