San Francisco Airport RFP


The challenge

Travelex were reeling from losing the right to run the currency exchange concessions at Los Angeles Airport – to a vibrant company called ICE. I was asked to look at their next upcoming RFP for San Francisco… these airport concessions with their presence are key components of the business strategy. They couldn’t afford to lose.

What we did

Perhaps unusual for a writer, but I helped lead an overhaul of their approach to presenting the RFP, including design. The old version was dense, low on visuals, and it took 50 pages to see anything of colour or visual or factual interest. We put more vital information up front, hitting hard with key strengths. We used headlines creatively. We used standfirsts. We sectioned out and won every area of battle. We brought Travelex’ great people to the fore, communicating their passion through Q&A article-style pieces never seen in this type of RFP before. All bound and designed beautifully, properly reflective of Travelex’s global pedigree.

What happened next

We won. One of the judges gave us a never-before-seen 100% and another said it was one of the best RFP they had ever seen. This template then became the basis for subsequent bids, winning in Boston and Detroit.

I wanted to share with you some feedback I had from Gigi Ricasa, of San Francisco Airport, on our RFP.

She said that it was one of the best proposals she has ever read, and that she has never seen a proposal that focused so well on their needs. She called out in particular the technology element of the RFP, and said she thought we did a great job in incorporating technology into the overall proposal.

Every one of the panelists gave us high marks – including one who gave us 100%! Gigi said she has never seen that before. Ester Galan Director of business development and key accounts, Travelex North America