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1. The changing role of the CFO – client: Bisnode

Bisnode is a large Swedish data company operating in 19 countries. This thought leadership piece called on in-depth interviews with a number of high profile CFOs and data experts to talk about how modern CEOs could adapt to changing times and emerge a leader.

2. London Institute – profile of Roger Wilson, head of Chelsea College of Art and Design

“Roger Wilson is holding a camera and has a glint in his eye…”

3. London Institute – profile of Paul Coldwell, artist

Where sculpture meets print meets fear.

4. Cardinal Place public artworks

Series of artist profiles.


5. Spellbound by Whispers in the Dark – Independent on Sunday

“I don’t have Sky, but I know a man who does. Unfortunately, he’s out…” Article about listening to the Ryder Cup on the radio.

6. Also check out…

Nine profiles for nine different emerging markets for Nichols Consultancy.

I am privileged to be the subject of this article Paul Coldwell Artist