D&AD Awards advertising and event collateral


The Challenge
Produce all the D&AD Awards collateral for the 2009 ceremony. This project was done in collaboration with NB Studio.

What we did
Had fun with many small details about this great institution’s flagship ceremony that would be familiar to the industry. Scroll down and check out the film that NB made using the words… a little work of genius.

What happened next
I went on the big night. Roundhouse, London. I may not have fully needed that final glass of wine. I woke up the proud owner of one of the wooden mannequin’s hands that sat on all the tables, each fitted with a white glove, and it is still on my shelf. Well, ok, two of them.

The new brand has enabled us to communicate the marvel and magic of stories, and the way in which they can quite literally, change lives – thank you. Name Company